Statistikk og Simulering

Økt 14-16. Predator/Prey Modelling

Økt 15. The Predator/Prey model

15.4. Økt 15. The Predator/Prey model

Oppgåve 15.6 Make a high-level agent-based predator-prey model for the problem scenario, including the following items:

  • Landscape design (grid size, boundary conditions)
  • Enumerate the different types of agents, with brief description.
  • Food model for prey. (Is the food (grass) an agent or not?)
  • Time scale. What is the length of the time step in the model?

Document any reasons you find, both in favour of and against the choices you make. It is alright to make some of the choices arbitrarily, but you must document your lack of certainty. Choices may be revisited later if necessary.

Oppgåve 15.7 Make an object-oriented software model for your simulator, suitable for implementation in Java or in your favourite object-oriented language. Obviously, the software model must closely reflect the domain model that you have described above.