Statistikk og Simulering

Økt 14-16. Predator/Prey Modelling

Økt 14. Real world scenario

15.2. Økt 14. Real world scenario

Oppgåve 15.2 Choose the species for prey and predator in your simulation. Look up a couple of facts about the species, relevant to the simulations. Examples include fertility rates, life span, etc.

We are not aiming for a fully realistic simulation model, as a sufficient understanding of biology would be way out of scope for this module. The objective is to get your minds at least somewhat in to the real world problem. Assemble at least a handful of relevant facts.

Oppgåve 15.3 Discuss (briefly) the properties of agents. List all properties which are common for all agents (prey and predator alike).

Oppgåve 15.4 Discuss the behaviour of prey agents. Formulate behaviour rules which can feasibly be implemented. Prioritise the list of behaviour rules in four sections, labelled must have, should have, can have, and not in this project.

Oppgåve 15.5 Discuss the behaviour of predator agents. Formulate behaviour rules and prioritise them as in the previous exercise.