Discrete Mathematics
Hans Georg Schaathun

Extra material on Counting

Discrete Mathematics (Week 1-2)

Revision Exercises Partial Solutions
Week 1 Revision Week 1 Revision with solutions
Week 2 Revision Week 2 Revision with solutions
Week 1 Video Time Slides Stein et alRosen
Two-element subsets MPEG4 6:57 PDF p. 36-37 p. 396+
MPEG4 Partitioning (Using the Sum Principle)
Short talk to define partitioning formally.
MPEG4 3:43 PDF p. 32-33 p. 398-399
The product principle revisited
(Formalising the Count of Valid Passwords)
MPEG4 5:32 PDF p. 40-41 p. 381-382
The Product Principle (Using partitioning on lists and permutations) MPEG4
6:06 PDF p. 45-48 p. 396+
Week 2 Video Time Slides Stein et alRosen

This is a long video from 2013; partly superseded by Ā«The Bijection PrincipleĀ», but the first couple of slides using the Lookup Table, may be useful.

MPEG4 15:08 PDF p. 44-45 p. 145(+/-)

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