Discrete Mathematics
Hans Georg Schaathun

Sample Exam Papers

Discrete Mathematics

Sample exam papers

For exam revision, it is adviced that you use old exam papers. This is only the second time the module runs, so there is only one previous exam. Additionally, there are two sample exam papers which were provided to the first cohort for revision.

  1. Sample Exam Paper no. 1 (Solutions under construction)
  2. Sample Exam Paper no. 2 (Solutions under construction)
  3. Exam Autumn 2013 (Nynorsk / Bokmål / Solutions)
  4. Exam Autumn 2014 (Nynorsk / Bokmål / Solutions)
  5. Resit Exam Spring 2015 (Nynorsk / Bokmål / Solutions)
  6. Resit Exam Autumn 2015 (Nynorsk / Bokmål / Partial solutions)

The papers are designed such that the first page totalling about 40-50% of the total paper are easy exercises which everyone is expected to master without fault. Page 2 comprise harder exercises. Some require more advanced theory and some are more complex.

Each page individually span the full breadth of the syllabus.

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