Discrete Mathematics
Hans Georg Schaathun

12th November 2015

Week 1: Counting

19-25 August 2015
This part roughly follows Chapter 1 in Stein et al’s textbook. References to Rosen’s textbook have been added, but some of the concepts and terms used by Stein et al and myself will be missing from Rosen.
This document details the programme for the week, including exercises and pointers to other material. It is available in two versions:
  1. as a PDF document.
  2. as a web site. This depends on MathML and may require firefox/iceweasel to display correctly.

The web version includes inline video. The pdf version shows a still image from the video, providing a hyperlink directly to the video on the web site.

1 Session 1
2 Optional Background Lectures
3 Session 2
4 Optional problems with solution
5 Last lecture topics (video)
6 Compulsory assignment (Session 3)

Hans Georg Schaathun / hasc@hials.no