Statististics and Simulation: reading list

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Core book

Frede Frisvold and Jan Gunnar Moe: Statistikk for Ingeniører
This book is a typical baseline for the statistics syllabus of any engineering degree, and we will provide page references in this book for key concepts and formulæ. You should make sure that you have some reference text for statistics, and this book is as good as any. The following chapters cover the theoretical/statistical syllabus: Note that the syllabus is defined by the exercises, videos, and other hand-out material.

Recommended reading

Barnes and Kölling: Objects First with Java. A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ

Although focusing on a more fundamental topic, Barnes and Kölling uses a predator/prey model in one extended example. Thus the book may be useful both to refresh object-oriented modelling and programming skills, and as a source of inspiration when implementing predator/prey models.

(Page references are given wrt the fifth edition.)

Angela B. Shiflet and George W. Shiflet: Introduction to Computational Science: Modeling and Simulation for the Sciences
We will draw many ideas for simulation projects from this book, which has a much wider scope than the module. It may be useful to have this book to cover theory concerning simulation.
Gouri K. Bhattacharyya and Richard A. Johnson: Statistical Concepts and Methods
This is a classic, introductory textbook in statistics, more thorough than Frisvold and Moe. It is a useful alternative to the corebook if you either want more depth or prefer English over Norwegian.

Hans Georg Schaathun / Siebe van Albada