Functional Programming and Intelligent Algorithms

Tutorial 1.7: Linear and non-linear classifiers

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Problem 1: A Neural Network for the XOR problem

Step 1: The multi-neuron perceptron (a single layer)

If you have not already completed it, it is time, now, to do Problem 2 of Tutorial 5. So that you have a data type Layer to handle one individual layer (hidden or output) in the neural network.

Step 2: Data type for multi-layer networks

Define a data type Network for the neural network, consisting of a list of layers.

Step 3: A network for XOR

Look up the weights used to solve the XOR problem in Marsland's book. Define the three neurons with appropriate weights, and define the network assembling the three nodes.

Test your definition by evaluating it in GHCi.

Step 4: Recall for multi-layer networks

Having completed Problem 2 of Tutorial 5 previously, you have a recall function for a single layer. Now, we need the following recall function for a neural network.

recallNetwork :: Network -> InputVector -> OutputValue

This function will need to do recall for the first layer in the network (list of layers). The output from the recall of the first layer is used as input for recall in the second layer. This continues throughout the list, and the output from the last layer is the output of recallNetwork.

Implement recallNetwork.

Step 5: Testing

Finally, test your definitions with the following evaluations:

recallNetwork xorNetwork [0,0] recallNetwork xorNetwork [0,1] recallNetwork xorNetwork [1,0] recallNetwork xorNetwork [1,1]

Step 6: Bug search

There are two common sources of errors in this network/implementation.

  1. What is the value of the threshold function at 0? I.e. does the neuron fire when the sum is exactly 0. In floating point problems, this hardly matters, but with the binary xor problem it does. If your test fails, try to change the threshold function.
  2. What is the sign of weight 0, i.e. the weight corresponding to the constant quasi-input? Very often we use -1, but the XOR network of Marsland has +1 as its quasi-input. If your network uses -1, you have to swap the sign on the weight.