Functional Programming and Intelligent Algorithms

(Last Update: 1 February 2015)


General information

Module Description
Please see the student handbook.
Please see the reading list.
We will explore using Piazza for online discussion and interactivity, as well as for keeping a written record of Q&A. Please enrol at FPIA on Piazza.

The module is worth 7.5 ECTS credits. By official standards, that corresponds to a workload of 187½-225 hours, or about 47-56 hours per week throughout the four weeks we have.

All the teaching material is covered by copyright and related legislation. Redistribution in any form or forum is prohibited. You may use it as you like for personal purposes only.

The assessment is by written, closed-book exam only. Even so, we strongly recommend you to do all the practical exercises throughout the module, simply because it is the easiest way to learn and understand the syllabus.


Week 1
Your first implementation of a neural networks. You will learn the necessary basics of functional programming, as well as the principles of machine learning and the construction of neural networks with backpropagation learning.
Week 2
Variations over neural networks. We will discover new variations of neural networks and learn additional techniques from functional programming.
Week 3
Genetic algorithms.
Week 4
Exam revision (largely unsupervised).

During the three main weeks of teaching, we work full days in the class room. Lecturers will be available part of the time, both to give lectures, lead discussions over solutions, and to supervise practical work. The exact timetable may vary from day to day, depending on activities and arising needs.

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