Functional Programming and Intelligent Algorithms

(Last Update: Spring 2015)


See the right hand menu for an introduction about the course (module description, syllabus, calendar) as well as the scheduled plan for each week, some extra exercises, and reading list.


Exam revision Wednesday 25 February

I will hold a last session to discuss Problem 3 of the Sample Exam Paper on Wednesday 10.30 am.


At times we will proceed very quickly through the syllabus. You should only worry a little bit. We will return and review theoretical concepts later. When tutorials and practical exercises are given, you should focus on how you make things work in practice. This will give you practical experience upon which you can found your theoretical understanding.

Even though we give a briefing prior to each tutorial, it is very much intentional that you need to look up concepts as you work your way through the tutorial. You may use the text books, alternative books, google, or whatever source you find appropriate.

Date Time Event Topic
Tuesday 3 February 8:15 onwards Lectures and Tutorials Getting started, Functions and recursion
Wednesday 4 February 8:15 onwards Lectures and Tutorials Composite data types
Thursday 5 February 8:15 onwards Lectures and Tutorials Classification and the single neuron
Friday 6 February 8:15 onwards Lectures and Tutorials Testing classifiers
Monday 9 February 8:15 onwards ?? ??
Monday 23 February Last lecture day
Tuesday 24 February - Sunday 1 March Exam Revision All topics
Monday 2 March 9:00 Exam

Note about web browsers

We will discuss some mathematical concepts and formulæ in these web pages, and therefore Math-ML has been used in the page sources. Chrome, Chromium, and Opera are known not to display Math-ML correctly; in particular exponentiation is not supported. We have tested Firefox, Iceweasel, and Safari, which all work.

Sample exam questions

Sample exam questions: ex1.pdf

Code for GA-related questions: SampleExam2015.hs

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