Statistikk og Simulering

Økt 17-18. Implementasjon av predator/prey

Økt 17. Getting started

16.1. Økt 17. Getting started

We will be available in the session to help you get started. You will need to complete the implementation on your own. You have a decent amount of time even though there are no sessions for more than a week.

Oppgåve 16.1 Pick up the example code from Barnes and Kölling and check that it compiles and runs. Even if it does not simulate ‘your’ species, it is still your first running prototype simulator.

Oppgåve 16.2 Review the OO model from Exercise 15.7 and the prioritised features from Exercises 15.3 to 15.5. Discuss what amendments you need to make to the prototype simulator to implement your model.

Write the amendments down in order of priority.
Allocate one amendment (task) to each person to do first.
Whenever one amendment is made, check that the prototype still runs.

As tasks (amendments) are complete, allocate new ones to keep busy.