Statistikk og Simulering

Økt 14-16. Predator/Prey Modelling

Statistikk og Simulering

15. Økt 14-16. Predator/Prey Modelling

Oppgåve 15.1 Implement a predator-prey simulator with visualisation for an eco-system with species of your choice. You should use the rabbit and fox example from Barnes and Kolling as a starting point, but also add a few new features of your own, in order to make the model more realistic. Such additions could include food for the prey species (e.g. grass), more detailled movement patterns, or other things. You can take inspiration from Project 4 (wolf/sheep/grass) of Shiflet & Shiflet, page 512 (see attachment).

Use the similator to predict (estimate) average life span of each of the species involved. Optionally, you can extract other statistical data for analysis as well. Work in a group of three (or two if numbers don’t fit).

The project consists of three phases, with an oral presentation of current results at the end of each phase. The three phases have different focus:


Note that the modelling stage gives you a lot of options. Modelling is always the exercise of selecting key features to be captured and less essential detail to be ommitted. In your group, you need to discuss what species to model and which features and properties to prioritise.